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We move the people that want to make a difference.

Commuters & cyclists, smart decision makers in companies & communities, as well as our partners in local trade - together they form the growing community of ummadum, which makes climate-friendly mobility possible and rewards it.

This is how you can join & profit:

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Get Rewarded


Whether by bike, on foot or in a carpool - you can be rewarded for every kilometer with ummadum points that you can redeem at our retail partners. For each bike ride or walk you collect an environmental ticket and participate in challenges.


Businesses & Communities

Encourage biking, walking and carpooling within your workplace or community.

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Take a Stand

Business Partners and Redemption Points

Accept umamdum points, appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, be part of the movement in climate change in mobility.


    "At first I was skeptical about switching to a bike. However, I find it great that I can clear my head and do my sports program at the same time."

    Lisa, 32
    Commutes regularly in a carpool with ummadum


    "We ummadummers think quite similarly. You don't remain strangers for long, and good conversations often ensue."

    Anna, 28
    Commutes regularly in a carpool


    "It used to take me almost an hour to get to work because public transportation is irregular with many stops. With the carpool, I can get there in 20 minutes."

    Marion, 25
    Commutes regularly in a carpool


    "After my morning run, I cycle to the office. Then I treat myself to a coffee with the points I've collected."

    Manfred, 33
    Rides a bike almost daily


    "I commute 20 km every day. By giving someone a ride three times a week, I save myself about 40 euros a month. That already pays for itself."

    Tom, 42
    Offers carpooling on a regular basis

You too can benefit
as a company or community.

ummadum's environmental partners offer employees & residents
a new form of climate-friendly mobility that pays off for everyone.

Download the app &
start collecting rewards

Discover the world of ummadum! Download the app and join the community.

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